When the World Ends

By Charles Lennox
100 words

They say we'll one day overpopulate the earth and then our planet will have no choice but to quit on us and self-destruct. We'll end up floating in infinite blackness with exploded bits of tree and earth core and plastic. To keep warm we'll date and make love. We'll claim barren space rock and build ourselves attics. Time will pass. Eventually we'll clutter every hidden corner of the unyielding universe, forced to stand shoulder to shoulder with just enough room to blink and wiggle our fingers, waiting on some cataclysmic event to take place and set us all free again.

Charles Lennox's fiction has appeared or is forthcoming in Wigleaf, Pequin, Sir!, and Right Hand Pointing. He lives in California but does all his writing in the Artic with the help of polar bears. They provide excellent feedback. He occasionally blogs useless material at http://otherbeasts.blogspot.com

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