To Lessen the Bite

By David Erlewine
99 words

I’m making a Rum and Coke when Billy stomps a stray cat in our backyard. It stumbles into a milk crate and vomits.

I bang on the kitchen window. Billy stares at me with hollow eyes, mouths “sorry”.

I should haul him inside, demand an end to this crap.

I take a sip, add a little more Coke to lessen the bite. He’s not the only kid to freak after a parent’s death.

I can’t help but wonder if doing it makes him feel any better. Perhaps I'll give it a try, just to see what I’m dealing with.

David Erlewine has flashes and short stories published in a variety of print and web lit journals, including In Posse Review, Literal Latte, Pindeldyboz, Slow Trains, Smokelong Quarterly, and Word Riot. Flashes are forthcoming in Dogzplot, Elimae, Right Hand Pointing, and Drunk and Lonely Men.

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