I Don’t Want To Know

by Rachel Yoder
99 words

Please don’t tell me you used the word “celestial” in a poem, or about that girl you almost fucked, but instead left in your bed while you masturbated in the living room. I don’t want to know about the bus you rode through the mud hole. Please don’t speak of your mother, happiness, all the letters you haven’t sent. I hate hearing about
Panama, and the way you say how’s your Spanish? Resist the urge to justify your jeans.

Look, it’s raining. Tomorrow’s Tuesday. Let’s stick to weather, orienting facts. How it’s colder now. How I’m renting a room.

Rachel Yoder attends the Nonfiction Writing Program at the
University of Iowa. Other tiny writing of hers can be found in Quick Fiction, flashquake, and Juked.

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