100% Proof

by Culbin Forrest
97 words

And didn’t the Scots knock all the duty off whiskey after they got independence?

And didn’t the Whitehall redcoats slap it right back on?
And wasn’t that the Solway smugglers back in business, after three centuries?

Now Willie Nobutt was a double-dealing, two-faced liar.
Didn’t he tip off the excise men?

Mind you, Logan Carr was no better.

Hadn’t he filled all but one of the bottles with tap-water, and that the one they drank on the beach to seal the deal?

Sure, and there’s no law against running tap-water, and nobody mentioned the Trades Description Act.

Culbin Forrest mostly writes short stories, but also poetry, and he’s tried the odd play. He’s won a few prizes locally, has been published here and there (mostly there), and had been featured on the Liars League website from time to time.

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