Sweet Tooth

by Shome Dasgupta
52 words

At the age of eleven, Cornelius tried to hang himself in the attic. The rope, made out of Glide dental floss, tore. He crashed through the attic floor and into the kitchen, where next to the sink, was a box of cookies. He stood up and fixed himself a glass of milk.

Shome Dasgupta holds an MFA in Creative Writing from
Antioch University-Los Angeles. His fiction and poetry have appeared in print and online magazines, including Word Riot, Cafe Irreal, MeadoW, DiddleDog, Sylvan Echo, Gertrude Press, Bartleby Snopes, Shelf Life Magazine, and Two Hawks Quarterly. Forthcoming publications include appearances in Mud Luscious, Dogzplot, Abjective, and Paperwall. He is a regular contributor to The Footnote.

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